This is were the story begins.

Welcome to spend magical nights in our luxury Suites under the arctic sky in Finland.

Our goal is to offer you a unique experience in touch with pure nature.


Kuuru Lakeside

Kuuru Lakeside Suites offers opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery while calming down and relaxing. We want to provide our guests to break away from everyday life and be part of the surrounding nature. The Suites are decorated with elements of nature, and every detail is carefully deliberate. Each suite is located on the shore of the lake and offers breathtaking views of the lake and nature all the way to the fells.

Kuuru Lakeside Suites are located in the heart of Salla, Finland.


Kuuru Tunturilaakso

Kuuru Tunturilaakso is a unique combination of luxury amid the magically beautiful nature of the fells in your peace. A modern Scandinavian look, a cool glass roof, and large windows crown the whole. Each suite opens up to a breathtakingly beautiful landscape of pristine fell to nature, which you can admire right from your bed. In the evenings, you can fall asleep admiring the starry sky and the northern lights.

Kuuru Tunturilaakso Suites are located in the heart of Iso-Syöte, Finland.

Welcome to enjoy peace and quiet in extraordinary locations.

Our Story

Kuuru Suites was created by a family whose goal is to offer travellers a brand new and unique way to experience the beauty of Finnish nature. Each of our Suites is built locally and decorated with well-known Finnish brands. Kuuru Suites offer a unique combination of pure Finnish nature, peace and modern Finnish design. Enjoy the view that opens up to the untouched nature of the fells or see the northern lights through the window while lying on the bed.

Our family has traveled a lot and we know the key to a successful vacation. Our missions is to make sure that every quests’ holiday would be as carefree as possible, so that you can relax and enjoy your holiday.

We are happy to assist you to plan your dream holiday in our Suites!


Each of us deserves a piece of luxury, and that’s why we want to offer you the opportunity for relaxation in the peace of pure nature. Our unique location means there is always something to explore all day of the year. Enjoy the unhurried pace or throw yourself into the frenzy of activities.

A touch of luxury

High-quality and modern interior solutions guarantee an unforgettable experience. We have ensured the comfort of our customers with our high-quality selections – our high-quality beds and bedding are domestically made, and Finnish companies are also popular in the decoration selections. Enjoy a cup of coffee effortlessly served by the capsule coffee machine and admire the wonderful nature while listening to your favorite music from high-quality audio equipment.

Let’s have a memorable holiday.

Relax and live in the moment

Magnificent fell nature surrounds the suites and offers a setting for relaxation in silence. Large windows and a glass roof bring nature to you and calm your mind. Take a moment of your own time and enjoy the surrounding silence.

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